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White Lion offers a collection of premium teas processed in hot and iced formats, along with our proprietary Honey Pearls® sweetener.

Our gourmet teas are an excellent addition to any food & beverage establishment to help drive customer loyalty and profit margins.

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Iced Tea

White Lion's premium iced teas offer a delicious and healthy alternative to sugar-laden soft drinks, giving your customers better choices.

As consumers continue to pursue healthier lifestyles, they are largely turning to tea as a natural solution for their refreshment needs. Offering a collection of gourmet iced teas can help position your business as a complete food & beverage experience.

The U.S. tea industry reached $12.66 billion in 2018, with the food service side valued at $1.55 billion, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

With tea's budding popularity, customers are looking for higher quality, flavorful options—and White Lion iced teas fit the bill!

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Hot Tea

Our whole leaf teas, packaged in mesh pyramid sachets, are perfect for any food & beverage setting. Because of their high quality, you can increase your profit margins by creating a luxurious tea experience.

We offer them in Bulk Sachets (sachets without string and tag) and Individually Wrapped Sachets (with string and tag) in select flavors.

We also offer a variety of presentation options—contact us to learn more!

Individually Wrapped Sachet Presentation Box

Individually Wrapped Sachets with string and tag

Glass Display Canisters with Bulk Sachets

For more casual settings, we also have our White Bamboo line. An exceptional price value, this collection of 9 teas is competitive in quality, taste, and cost.

Honey Pearls®

Indulge in the pure, natural goodness of honey. Honey Pearls® are 100% natural and
contain no artificial flavors or additives, making them a wonderful amenity for your customers.

Honey Pearls® are available in either loose bulk or packaged stick formats.

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